Amanish and Diyar from buying without initially considering dissatisfaction with the home purchased |  RTL Street

Amanish and Diyar from buying without initially considering dissatisfaction with the home purchased | RTL Street

The latest episode of 'Buying Without Looking' focuses on Amanish and Diyar's mission. The two live with their cat in Delft and are looking for a larger house where they can raise their daughter. The young couple wants to exchange their apartment for a single-family home, but it turns out that it is not so easy in Delft.

“I don't see myself living here”

Real estate agent Alex van Keulen will search for a home in Delft for Amanch and Deyar. The couple has a budget of €500,000 and would prefer a house with four bedrooms and 120 square meters of living space. “This is too much,” sighs contractor Bob Sikes.

Alex soon discovers that he cannot find a house that meets all his desires within the specified budget. Amansh and Diyar visit to discuss the matter with them. “From day one of our search, not once did we find a home we could make an offer on.”

Because Amansh and Diyar wanted to continue living in Delft due to Diyar's work, they decided to compromise and drop the minimum number of square meters. This turns out to be the right decision, because Alex soon finds the perfect home for the young family. “It ticks all the boxes and we still have the budget left over to make something fun out of it.”

But as the couple drives home, their courage wanes. “I don't see myself living here,” Amanesh says as they drive past the first cottage. After they look at all the houses, Amansh in particular looks gloomy. “I've noticed that it makes me a little quiet. I remember crying.”

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But when they take off their blindfolds in front of their new home, they are still happy. This may not be exactly what they initially envisioned, but after seeing the interior of the house, they will soon see what it has to offer. “We're really happy. This is our first choice out of all the homes we saw.” Although there is still a lot to be done to this house, Amansh and Diyar have regained confidence in it.

A few weeks later, the entire house has been renovated and the couple has no idea what they are seeing. “I really don't know where to look,” Amansh says. The house became a version of their mood boards, and was given a chic hotel interior. “It looks like a hotel.”

Amansh and Diyar can't believe their luck. The house is exactly what they dreamed of. “I can't imagine that this is my home. It's really extraordinarily beautiful.”

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