KNMvD calls on veterinarians to vaccinate against bluetongue

KNMvD calls on veterinarians to vaccinate against bluetongue

The Royal Netherlands Veterinary Society (KNMvD), the professional organization for veterinarians, has set up a special open vacancy bank to vaccinate sheep and cattle against bluetongue as quickly as possible. Retired vets and their fellow vets of other species are called to report.

Outgoing Minister of Agriculture, Pete Adema, announced on Friday the availability of a vaccine against bluetongue virus type 3, produced by the Spanish pharmaceutical company Civa. One million doses of the vaccine will be available within a few days to a week, and another million doses after two weeks. According to the KNMvD, it is now important to start vaccination. Vets who want to roll up their sleeves can sign up via A special form on the website. Veterinary practices can also post job openings here for bluetongue vaccination.

The service is free for both KNMvD members and non-members. KNMvD warns that fly season, the period when flies that spread the virus are active, is just around the corner. “It is important that animals are vaccinated as quickly as possible. The vaccine that has now been approved has received accelerated approval. Authorization for the use of the vaccine will only be granted after sufficient information is available about its effectiveness, safety and quality.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, it is up to the producer to monitor whether things are going well and whether the vaccine provides sufficient protection in practice and prevents the spread of bluetongue. It is essential to report any side effects to the Veterinary Medicines Agency. The vaccine is being developed further. The long-term effect is also being examined.

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