Tzoom |  Report: On the red carpet for the Book Ball 2024 (Part Two)

Tzoom | Report: On the red carpet for the Book Ball 2024 (Part Two)

'In Our Family' is the theme of Book Week, above the Amsterdam Theater (ITA) 'Coming Home' is written in cheerful lamp letters and the Chabot family are the first to enter the blue carpet; In short, it was all family-like at this episode of the ball. Although opinions on the Book Week gift, and the family packaging, are divided to say the least, the Chabot family was thrilled upon its arrival. Dressed in black and gold suits, they made extensive tours of the assembled press. Afterwards many well-known and less well-known writers were allowed to follow them. It is clear that for many young people this time there has been a generational change, which has not diminished the atmosphere.

The party always starts with an hour-long hall program in which Book Week giveaway authors are highlighted and there are some performances (singing and dancing) to enjoy. This time, they included Frank Nehlen, who recited a poem by Copland. How did it go? I have no idea, because places are unfortunately limited for the hall programme. At 10 p.m., the real party begins, as another group of party-goers who did not have a place in the hall are accepted. It was, as always, nice and full, the atmosphere was excellent, and the people were remarkably cheerful and kind to each other. In fact, the party was sweeter and braver than ever. Last year, a group of women writers attracted attention with a climate protest action, but this year the commitment has been completely absent, with the exception of “Two Scarves for Arafat.” (And some ambiguous watermelon pins in the colors of the Palestinian flag.) There was not a wild word, no one hit anyone on the head, and there was no rioting or argument at all. There was laughter, talking and dancing (Splinter Chabot was the absolute prince of the dance floor). It was really fun. Old fashioned fun, back home.

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Ross Custers (Photos © Dolph Verlinden)

Splinter Chabot at the book party

Chrétien Brockers and Paula Heger

Thomas Herma van Vos


Connie Balmain Nina Pollack

Babs Jones

Nina Wiegers and Joris van Casteren

Elfie Tromp, Barbara den Auden

Fritz Spit and Koen Verbraak

Gijs Wilbrink with love

Hans van Willigenburg, Sing Shigen, Mark Schiffers, Peter Waterdrinker

Hanna Bervoits

Jerwin Bao

Ghost Omen and his lover

Matthijs Dean and Jean-Marc van Tol

Eric Jan Harmens and Helen van Rooyen

Peter Waterdrinker and Hans van Willegenberg

Peter the water drinker plus two women

Roxanne van Iperen

Jonah Falk and Roxanne van Eperen

Carrot and Vuijsje

The stairs

Sasha Bronwasser

Shola Rezazadeh

Mustafa Steto

Nachoem Wijnberg in sandals

Maximum for February plus 1

Gelly Brandt Curstius

Valentin Hoogenkamp

Teun Taubes and Jonathan De Jong

Susan Smith

Saskia Norte

Sander Blom and his connections at the Atlas

Royce de Vries and Amanda

Rosetta Steinbeck

Rosetta Steinbeck and Tom Lanois in Rene Luce

Ronald Gephardt and Mark Shivers

Robert Voegsje and his wife

Rick Paul van Mullijn

Pim Lammers

Peter Buskma

Mickey van der Weij

Marion Bloom

May Spikers and his wife

Maartje Wurtel plus a friend

Eva Kosi on the left, and Babs Jones in green

Jost Nissen

Jean-Marc Van Tol with Fuki and Suki

Iris van Lunenburg and Peter van der Velen

In the middle is Jeep Van Toorn

Hannah Bervoits and her friend

Gijs Gruntmann, A.F. Brandt-Curstius and W

Gert Mack and his wife

Frauji and S10

Frick and Hella de Jong

Frank Westerman

Eos and his wife

Esther Gerritsen

Ernst van der Kwast

Elfie Trump

De Durlachertjes

Private chef

Arjan Edervin and Jennifer Hoffman

Angette van der Zijl as well as Ivan

Alma Matthiessen and Lillian Blumen

Alex Bogers

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Book Week runs until March 24, and when you buy €15 worth of books, whatever type, you will receive a Chabotin Book Week family wrap as a gift.

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