Prince Harry soon returned to the UK without Meghan, sleeping with his favorite niece

Prince Harry soon returned to the UK without Meghan, sleeping with his favorite niece

According to the British newspaper, the prince may set foot on English soil again within 24 hours. Now that he no longer had permanent residence in the country, Harry asked for the help of his favorite niece – Princess Eugenie. Since Harry and Meghan’s departure to the United States, she has lived at Frogmore Cottage, the residence in Windsor that the Sussexjes family initially received as a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth.

according to the sun Frogmore Cottage has now been split in half, allowing Harry to self-isolate for ten days without bumping into Eugenie, her husband Jack, and their son August. In this way, the prince is free to go anywhere he wants in the country on July 1. Just in time to be at the unveiling of a statue of Diana, in honor of her 60th birthday.

The event is the perfect opportunity for Harry to do something about his turbulent relationship with brother William. Sources say the men put their differences aside on that day. This is the first meeting of the two brothers since the funeral of their grandfather Philip. Even though they chat via text messages, the bond seems to be far from restored.

“There were no personal or good conversations,” says one of the sources. the sun. “Only very short and limited messages. Their relationship is still very strained.”

There has been a lot of fanfare around Frogmore Cottage in recent years. The dwelling was renovated with more than 2 million euros at the expense of the taxpayer. Not long after, Harry and Meghan left for America for good. The couple promised to repay the amount, and since they left Eugenie and Jack have handed the keys.

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You can see more about the relationship between William and Harry in the video below.

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