Over 1.2 Million Watched This Singer Wins ARIA Opera Show |  View Instagram

Over 1.2 Million Watched This Singer Wins ARIA Opera Show | View Instagram

Eleonora is the winner of the first season of ARIAOmroep MAX, the program in which a new opera talent was sought. Thus she won a scholarship to the Dutch National Opera.

In the final, Eleonora faced two of her fellow candidates last night. The three had to perform solo and together in front of the jury, which consisted of Rosemary Joshua, Tanya Cross and Henk Port. Together with the Dutch National Opera Choir, the finalists sang Let’s be freeVerdi’s famous song.

Eleonora “steps over herself” with joy and is “a little stunned” by the win. Elenora sang her first classic notes through YouTube tutorials that she searched online when she was 15 years old. She now has a conservatory diploma and wants nothing more than to become a big star in the opera world. she saw ARIA So a great opportunity. “Classical music is beautiful, many melodies are centuries old and many people have sung them in many different ways. That’s what makes it so magical. You convey a story and take knowledge of past singers with you. Because of this I decided to become a singer,” she previously said of her post.

The jury report was read after the show by Jaap van Zuyden, conductor of the New York Philharmonic. Turns out he’s been the “unknown juror” for the past eight weeks. Leonora was praised for her “voice radiating in a very diverse repertoire”. The final was watched by 1.2 million people, which is good for fourth place in the top ten watch numbers.

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ARIA It was introduced by Dionne Stax, who signed a contract with Omroep MAX in August. Stax has been on display at AVROTROS since October 2019, but previously offered Omroep MAX Priceless.

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