Olcay Doesn't Feel Like a Stepmother to Rod Kids: 'Having Their Father and Mother'

Olcay Doesn’t Feel Like a Stepmother to Rod Kids: ‘Having Their Father and Mother’

According to Olcay, she is still regularly asked if she and Rose don’t want to go get a cuddly baby. “People say things like, ‘Now it’s still possible,'” she says. “But the fashion designer isn’t interested in changing diapers at all. Plus, Rod already has kids from previous relationships. Although she’s always there for them, the introduction doesn’t She considers herself my stepmother. “I don’t want to get involved in this kind of thing at all, I’m more than sure that everything runs smoothly in the house.”

“Because I’ve never felt the need to have children myself, I’m drawing the line too. I like spending time with them, but I don’t like going to De Efteling, for example, so I don’t,” Olcay said.

although Do I have something for you? – Presenter So I thank you so kindly for a day in Efteling with the family, her relationship with Rod is stronger than ever. “I think we quarreled with each other when Rudd was 40 and I was 29. But now we have a kind of maturity in our relationship,” she says.

“We also went through a very difficult period when Rod fell ill, but the humor was always there as well. Leadership. I like it so much, we never argue, we just laugh.”

Olcay dares to say that she is now “happiest”: “When I was younger, I was still insecure and always looked at the things I didn’t have. Now I see how grateful I am for the things I do with you.”

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