Mattie and Weitz reunite at Radio 555: 'Feels like a little ex' |  Displays

Mattie and Weitz reunite at Radio 555: ‘Feels like a little ex’ | Displays

VideoMattie and Weitz are reunited today for the first time in five years, especially on National Action Day. “We’re not going to play a song,” they joked. “We have a lot to talk about.”

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DJs will switch to Sky Radio together in 2017, but Mattie changed his mind at the last minute. He decided to stay with Qmusic, without consulting with Wietze first. This led to the infamous split between the successful radio duo, with Wietze calling Mate a “money-hungry companion”. Among other things, he would be offered a Tesla to stay. Matty lamented his actions. They didn’t speak to each other again until last weekend.

At the beginning of the broadcast, they wanted to immediately call their “sudden ending” an elephant in the room. “I’m feeling a little nervous,” Weitz said. Matty nodded in agreement. Wietze: It’s like seeing your ex. Somewhere you still feel loved and trusted, but on the other side you still think: What a buck man.” Matty: But I also felt like time had stopped. The conversation was on the phone as if I had spoken to you three days ago. Weitz laughs: “It helped that I was sitting comfortably in the oil. I had a little wine, so it wasn’t that difficult.”

Moments later, the two discussed rising gas prices. Wietze to Mattie: “It’s great to be driving a Tesla.” Matty takes the joke with a smile: “I’ve already thought: where is she.” After the first uncomfortable moments, the two seem more relaxed, regularly walking towards each other and laughing. In the end, they thank each other for the sweet two-hour radio broadcast “even if it’s for a sad reason.” “Would you like to ride home with me?” Matty asks. Wietze: No, you don’t have to. You parked double with that Tesla of yours.” They both laugh out loud.

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The radio duo Mattie & Wietze met on the joint broadcast of Radio 555. © Ben Hodijk

Beautiful moment

On reunification, Falk said Thursday it was “a great moment for them to leave the past behind.” “And certainly when you look at what is happening in the world now, it also sets the record straight, to say the least. So we shake hands and raise as much money as possible for Ukraine. It can be heard on all the radio stations on Monday.”

Mattie is now giving a hit morning show on Qmusic with Marieke Elsinga. Wietze can be heard on Radio 538 for several years and at the beginning of this year succeeded Frank Dine as host of that station’s breakfast program. Matty and Weitz can be heard on the radio until ten in the morning Radio 555then there is Hear other duets† There is also a TV broadcast tonight.

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