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This is how you maintain the holiday feeling: “Close your eyes on the toilet for two minutes”

Last week you were baking a cocktail on the beach, but now for many “normal life” has begun again. We go back to work, have to cook again, wash, clean, maintain the garden and you name it. In other words: tension lurks again. How do you maintain that great sense of holiday comfort?

“After the holiday, people are recharged and feel like they can eat it again,” says Franca Meijs. “We see fewer people with stress complaints.” She is a co-founder of Het Stresshuis in Eindhoven. However, this feeling of relaxation often disappears like snow in the sun when normalcy returns again. Stress coach gives top tips.

1. Limit your phone use
“It’s very important to make more conscious choices in your phone use. With your phone 24 hours a day, you can easily check your email, work, and private life quickly.”

So it’s smart to make a plan for yourself. “Turn off your phone when you get home and show people that you’re not available 24 hours a day. Also train yourself to stop checking your phone.”

2. Make time for what you love
Many will recognize this: This good book that I enjoyed so much during the holidays will soon gather dust on the shelf when you get home. “What we really liked during the holidays is what we often stop by at home. So read a book or listen to music that makes you happy.”

To maintain your holiday feeling, it’s important to keep doing these kinds of things. “Look at what made your vacation so great and how you can give it a place at home. Ask yourself: If you enjoy reading so much, why not do it at home?”

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Then you have to consciously make time for those fun things. “On vacation, you automatically have that time, but now you have to consciously plan for it. So in addition to the appointments you usually set, also make time for this recharge time.”

3. Check your condition
According to a stress coach, mindfulness can also help you stay relaxed. “Make room to check with yourself every now and then how your energy is working: How tired are you and how do you feel? On vacation, you can easily give in to it, if you are tired, you lie on the beach for example. You really should consciously make way for it at work “.

But what if you feel tired at work? Then you can not go to the beach to lie down. “You don’t need much time to come to yourself,” Meegs reassures. “This can even be done on the toilet. Close your eyes for two minutes and come to yourself. Then you’ll feel a little better. Even if you take some time walking or meditating, you can start over.”

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