Glenys Grace: Refugees welcomed us warmly |  stars

Glenys Grace: Refugees welcomed us warmly | stars

Glennis mainly talks about her argument for MiGreat. And the organization published, on Sunday, the following statement on social media: “Today we saw four groups with cars appear in Ter Abel. They came completely uncoordinated to deliver them and even unload unnecessary things. Bad kinda “.

(The text continues below the message.)

The singer seems to feel under attack from the message and is attacking hard on Instagram. “What courage!” grumble. “Fortunately, we know better. We have not received this very warmly from you. Fortunately, because of the refugees and that is all that matters to us. I can say more if you like, but leave it at that. You never get it right.”

group of friends

The singer arrived on Sunday with seven cars and a trailer full of toys, clothes and hygiene products. She distributed things with her friend group and talked to the people who greeted her. Glennis and her friends distributed the items to volunteers from other initiatives who were doing the same.

She previously invited her followers to contribute and donate things.

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