Martien Meiland removes the car window with a license plate: “He made such a big mistake” |  Turns out

Martien Meiland removes the car window with a license plate: “He made such a big mistake” | Turns out

Owning a personal license plate is the most natural thing in the world in Belgium. Martien Meiland thought this was such a great idea that he had his own license plate reading “Mar10”. The bright appearance forgot only for a moment that such records are not allowed in the Netherlands. And so the license plate disappeared again in the trunk of his miniature car. Anyone who thought Martien would stop looking at him was wrong. Martin initially thought a license plate would work fine for scratching your car’s windows.

And so the 1,554,000 viewers last night saw how Martien hastily – because he had to go to the supermarket – de-iced Erica’s car window with his personal license plate. At first this seemed to work well, although Martien discovered soon after that it was not a good idea: The car window was full of scratches. While watching a locker in a house in Laiddorp, Martin immediately took the opportunity to tell what had happened to him. When his daughter Montana and her boyfriend Dirk arrived, “I’ll tell you all about it.” “What’s Next?” Montana responded.

“I made such a big mistake with my mom this morning,” Martin continued. “Well, it froze here in Hengelo and there was such a big layer of ice. And I had to go to Super Market To get bread and everything else, I accidentally cleaned the windows with my license plate. Well all the scratches! Still somewhat amazed, Martin said. Dirk immediately covered his mouth upon seeing the damage. “How bad! Why would you do this with a number pad? His father-in-law asked, while Erica was muttering “idiot” in the background. However, according to Martin, there was no other choice. “I had nothing else and was nervous, because we had to come here!”

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Martien’s work definitely gave viewers a smile on their faces at home. “How did you get the idea?” And Martien used his number plate to scratch it. Now the car window is full of scratches. Don’t be like Martien, some responses are.

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