Silver Rain Games is in extensive collaboration with Electronic Arts

Silver Rain Games, an independent development company founded by BAFTA nominated actor and producer Abu Bakr Salem, has signed a landmark deal with Electronic Arts Inc.’s EA Originals brand. Not only will EA Originals provide funding for the unannounced emerging studio project, it will also direct and support the mission of the team to bring a new perspective to the games and industry.

Based in the UK, Silver Rain was founded in December 2019 by Salem, who is best known for his role in the hit HBO series Raised by Wolves, along with Melissa Phillips, who will head the studio. She previously worked as Program and Events Manager at BAFTA Games. The company was established with the aim of creating deep and innovative games and content for various entertainment media. Since its inception at the end of last year, the studio has rapidly grown to around 20 employees, all of whom are currently working remotely.

“In what has been a challenging year, we have assembled an extraordinarily creative and sophisticated team that is eager to work on projects that bring their worldviews to life. Together we build an exciting world that brings the power and magic of storytelling to life.” “We are excited to be working with the EA Originals team, our ideal partner at the start of this journey. They not only understand our vision of inspiration and entertainment, but they also welcome this exciting new era of game development.”

Phillips said, “We have expanded our team tremendously over the past year and have some exceptionally talented people to support us in building this game.” “I am thrilled to see the team continue to grow and really get a chance to showcase the quality of the work they do.”

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“It’s a great pleasure to work with Abu, Mill and the entire Silver Rain team,” said Matt Bilby, Electronic Arts’ executive vice president of strategic growth. “They are a bold, new and independent studio that aims to create distinct, innovative and new experiences. We look forward to supporting them in their epic adventure, and when the time comes, we connect them with a global audience of players.”

For more information and to stay up-to-date with EA Originals naming games, you can Here fairly. To learn more about EA Partners, the division within Electronic Arts that searches for the bravest and most prestigious talent from indie studios around the world and works with them to deliver breathtaking games to players across all platforms and devices, visit: www.ea.com/nl-nl/partners.

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