Jill Biden mocks Melania Trump by choosing her outfit

Jill Biden mocks Melania Trump by choosing her outfit

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Jill Biden mocks Melania Trump by choosing her outfit

The First Lady and the President are visiting the UK this weekend.

The Bidens are visiting abroad together as president and first lady for the first time this weekend. Dr. Jill Biden begins by choosing a signature dress: “Is that an inaccurate response to her predecessor?”

the love

Jill and Joe Biden are in the UK this weekend to meet British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his comrades Brand new wife Carrie. The internet was in turmoil right away when the first snapshots of this picture were Meeting She appeared online with a Jill jacket, on which she appeared in all capital letters the love can be read.

Dr. Jill Biden's jacket.  Photo: BRONOPRES.

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Dr. Jill Biden’s jacket. Photo: BRONOPRES.

According to many, it is a nod to the notorious Sweater Gill’s ancestor was, Melania Trumpsince when. She said in letters don’t miss “I really don’t care, do I?” written.

At the time, Mill’s jacket was called “the worst choice of clothing in the history of American politics” because she wore the coat at a shelter for the children of immigrants who had been separated from their parents. and then the first lady To let you know in all caps that you don’t care at all is, of course, a touchy thing. Melania later claimed that the letter was intended for the left-wing media, but even her supporters felt that she should have worn the poncho at another time.

simple message

And what about Jill Biden with her? statement jacket mean? When asked, the first lady replied that “love” is the American approach to the G7 summit that will be held in the coming days. “We bring love from America,” she explains of her outfit herself. And you can actually take that as a sign that she wants to do things completely differently than Melania. fashion with a Message!

tea with the queen

What we’re also looking forward to is the outfit you’ll be wearing next Sunday’s generation. On June 13, Biden visited the Queen at Windsor Castle. suitable for her Plenty of first ladies have removed designer dresses from their wardrobe over the years And where fashion history is made. Follow!

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