The Walking Dead will get another series

The Walking Dead will get another series

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The Walking Dead will get another series

AMC Networks announced another new series: The Walking Dead: Origins. This consists of a series of specials that deal with the journey of four fan-favorite characters before their return in the eleventh and final season of the walking Dead.

This season will start on August 22nd. On July 15 they started with The Walking Dead: Origins. Episodes delve into the different characters’ pasts and include clips from previous episodes and new interviews with the cast and crew.

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Each episode delves into a different character. The specials revolve around Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Carol Pelletier (Melissa McBride), Maggie Ray (Lauren Cohan), and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

The first episode of The Walking Dead: Origins It airs July 15 in the US and delves into Daryl’s story. On July 22, we see Maggie’s story, followed by Negan’s story on July 29. The series will be completed on August 5 with Carol’s story.

The Walking Dead: Origins Also includes a sneak peek into the final season of 24 episodes with each episode.

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