Mystery American singer reveals “Most Popular Candidate Ever”

Mystery American singer reveals “Most Popular Candidate Ever”

New season in the United States The Mystery Singer It started last night. Now that the program was so successful worldwide, manufacturers wanted to give it a new twist. The snail was taking care of that. The suit does not show how big or small, or how thick or thin it is to perform the mask. It turns out he’s an all-round artist who has played in many films, attended the Oscars, interviewed Lady Gaga and released a number of albums.

After the performance, where the snail performed the song You Make My Dreams, it was time to guess the jury. Robin Thicke thought about that A man with a love for family lifeFounder Seth MacFarlane, Jenny McCarthy went to Senator Ted Cruz, and Ken Jeong made a bet on talk show host Jay Leno, and Nicole Scherzinger was sure it was Billy Crystal in the lawsuit. Then the snail hat came out …

The presenter is shocked. There is nothing under the hat at all. But then suddenly bright green hands appeared and it quickly became clear that Kermit the frog was hiding in the suit. At the unveiling, Robin Thicke shouted, “Oh my God. He’s the most popular candidate ever.”

Scores also in the Netherlands The Mystery Singer Like crazy. John van den Hovel participated, among others. He talks about it in the video below.

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