Gerda Keuter from URK!  He brings intimate news about his daughter

Gerda Keuter from URK! He brings intimate news about his daughter

Things didn't go well

Unfortunately, there's more news from Urk, and it's not all as sweet as Gerda's baby's first steps. Patti Brad participated in the broadcast last Saturday View news That Teun Föhn's early admiration was already over. “It didn't last long because they went on a date.” She doesn't want to talk about it anymore. “It didn't go well,” Patty says. Feel the Urk star! Disappointed, but he tries to get his life back on track quickly. “Back straight and forward.” There are more men than lampposts; “You just have to go up against the right people,” Teune says.

Greetings in love

At the end of January, Teune announced that Grietje, a.k.a Urk!Happy in love again. Greteje's divorce was very painful, but she decided not to give up and continue dating again. And with success! Teun confirms that Greetje is falling in love again. 'He's a nice guy. They take their time. I think this is very important, because she also has to settle down with the kids.


Teon thinks Greetje's new love is a nice guy. “In Ork we always say: You don't know his grandmother. Here of course you need to know what kind of family a person belongs to. That's still the question…” And yet he had already agreed: “I hope they are very happy together.”

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