MAFS-Anneke and Dirk meet again for the final interview

MAFS-Anneke and Dirk meet again for the final interview


When Anneke and Dirk sit next to each other, wedding photos are shown. “That would have been very nice,” Dirk replies. Anneke still feels like she thinks it was a beautiful day. Lt. Col. Carlo is curious to know if this is just an illusion on Anki's part. He shouldn't have said that. No, I got this wrong. I felt so happy that day. I wanted to give this a chance, so what I saw wasn't a scam. I'd rather you didn't say that either. But what bothers me is that Anki is the one who mentions the word “give a chance.” “This opportunity disappeared very quickly,” Carlo confirms. I'm not myself anymore and that's a sign to me that it's not a good match.


Carlo wants more clarity, especially since Anneke is becoming agitated about Dirk's appearance. “Was it because of the looks?” Wonders. “I won't answer that,” concludes Anneke, who has already hurt Dirk enough. Carlo will sum it all up, in case anyone forgot. “It was about clothes, it was about teeth,” but he can't finish his story because Anke laughs through it. Her corrective finger also comes into play again. “Here we are, hurt again.” “But it has been said,” Carlo says. I was terrified. This doesn't suit me. This is really a sign that things are not going well for me,” Anneke defends herself. “Then I was honest and the reaction was a bit angry,” Anneke further explains. “I don’t feel safe with that and then I want to go.”

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