Busy at Rollende Keukens on boarding day: “The bigger the queue, the better the food”

Busy at Rollende Keukens on boarding day: “The bigger the queue, the better the food”

It’s Ascension Day and that means a free day off for many people. Amsterdam residents spend this in different ways. AT5 takes a look: From yoga at Nature High Festival to gourmet snacks at Rolling Kitchens.

Visitors practice Kundalini yoga at Roigord Church – AT5

Van’s nature is high

Visitors arrive at the Ruigoord’s breeding ground in the Oasis of Peace. Today the Artists’ Village in Hötrakpolder revolves around the High Nature Festival. The program starts at 12:00 noon with Kundalini Yoga and Sound Healing. Coach Anne Ahau: “Ruigoord is a place to meet, see, celebrate and rise.”

The organizer says tickets for the annual festival are completely sold out: “250 visitors come during the day and an additional 100 people will come tonight.” Activities range from breathing exercises, singing and dancing to “tantric flow” and Kundalini yoga. “Get going fast using your own energy” is the goal of two women participating in a yoga session.

Kitchens on wheels

Lots of great snacks are eaten at Westerpark. More than 100 Kitchen on Wheels stalls have been decorated in green since Wednesday at the Rollende Keukens Food Festival. Hungry visitors can choose from pancakes, tacos, burgers, pancakes, and more. Its popularity is evident from the long lines for all the food trucks.

“This is where we’re going, there’s no line there.”

Festival trails

But visitors know that waiting isn’t just annoying. “Sometimes it’s hard to choose between all the delicious snacks. Fortunately, the long lines quickly reveal what’s popular,” says one person waiting for ice cream. “I hope I’m waiting for a nice taco. “I’m just getting close to people and it’s probably going to be good,” says one festival-goer.

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Busy case

It’s hard work for the festival chefs. Fortunately, it is a rewarding task. “The best pat on the back is when people like it,” says one chef. At the barbecue stand, another chef is a little more worried. “It’s hard to get hot dogs and it’s only going to get busier. And anyone who thought the long lines were too long today still have 3 days to treat themselves. The carts won’t be going away again until Sunday.”


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