Dutch hit Maxine (25) ‘explodes’ in Belgium: ‘I never expected this’ |  Displays

Dutch hit Maxine (25) ‘explodes’ in Belgium: ‘I never expected this’ | Displays

Nowadays, Maxine van Breukelen can be found on stage in Belgium almost every week. The 25-year-old singer from The Hague is a huge hit in Flanders Hear, see, and be silent. The song is a collaboration with Reggie, who you probably know from Milk Inc. “I never expected it to explode like this.”

Maxine is not yet known to the general public. In the Netherlands, she has so far been the mastermind behind the songs of many famous artists. Maan, Roxeanne Hazes, Ronnie Flex and Pommelien Thijs, among others, can count on Maxine’s songwriting skills.

Through Pommelien Thijs, who has the same manager as Regi, Maxine communicates with DJ. “In Holland, I’m not famous as a singer, I’m more of a songwriter than most,” she says. latest news. “I just release my own song now and then.”

I knew “Walk on Water” by Milk Inc, but I didn’t know Reggie was behind it


I did just that last Friday, in collaboration with Nelson Noon Role, including the video clip. But in Belgium, “Hear and See and Speak No Evil” with Reggie is the song most frequently heard on the radio. Their collaboration has been listened to nearly 1.7 million times on Spotify and ranks 23rd on Belgium’s Ultra Top 50 list.

The singer from The Hague didn’t expect it to “explode like this”. To be honest, I didn’t know Reggie until I started working with Pomelian, who has the same boss as Reggie. I knew the movie “Walking on Water” by Milk Inc, but I didn’t know that Reggie was behind it.

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Singer Maxine during the Liberation Festival in Malefield.
Singer Maxine during the Liberation Festival in Malefield. © National Ports Agency / National Ports Agency

Tastes like more

Her success in Belgium leaves you wanting more. The singer, who comes from The Hague, dreams of making a breakthrough in her country. ,,Hear, see, and be silent It is gradually beginning to trickle into the Netherlands, but has not yet reached the level of hype as in Flanders. I hope that will change in the future. I want to continue to combine writing and singing in the future. Sometimes it’s nice not to be so busy with yourself.”

Maxine now performs weekly at reggae shows in Belgium. According to her, it is very good to work together with the DJ. ,, After the performance he often compliments us, but if it went less well, he will say that too, albeit in a nice way. Will she also perform at his upcoming wedding? “We’ll be there anyway, so who knows… that would be very nice.”

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Reggie and Maxine perform their song
Reggie and Maxine perform their song “Hear, See, Speak No Evil” live. © dpg media

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