The museum donates "Wilma with the Cat" to Arnhem

The museum donates “Wilma with the Cat” to Arnhem

The Arnhem Museum celebrates its centenary with a gift to the city. A tall version of Carel Willink’s painting has been unveiled on a blank wall along Utrechtseweg Wilma with the cat.

The Arnhem Museum is currently closed for a major renovation. But that doesn’t mean the centenary will go unnoticed or that the paintings cannot be seen, he says Gelderland broadcaster. This year there will be huge copies of what the museum calls “public favorite places” in a number of places in the city.

It is not an accident Wilma with the cat, Drawn by the De Strakke Hand Painters’ group and now the first to be unveiled. “It is a very emotional and recognizable painting by everyone: a woman gently holding her cat. Willinke painted his wife’s skin and jacket and especially the cat’s fur in a wonderful way,” the museum itself reviews. website.

Still life with a cello

In a month, the Arnhem Museum will present a second gift to the city: an equally large copy of Still life with a cello From Raul Hynix. Local people participated in choosing this business.

The Arnhem Museum itself will reopen within the next year, after renovation. If you want to see the much smaller original of Carel Willink’s painting, don’t wait until then. As soon as the museums are allowed to reopen, it is Wilma with the cat On display at Breda’s Stedelijk Museum. She currently has a selection of works from the Arnhem Museum on loan.

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