Are Caroline and Bram from B&B Vol Liefde still together?

Are Caroline and Bram from B&B Vol Liefde still together?

It was all so loving, warm and hopeful on Bram’s self-contained farm in Sweden. Many ladies also liked him. From Seuss to Anna and of course Caroline. Bram finally takes the lead and feels more for Caroline. When we last saw them, they were kissing on a boat and talking a little about their future together.

Are Bram and Caroline still together?

Now, after months of recordings, it could be different again. After all, you never know how things will end up with this little love. Luckily, B&B full of reunion love Now on Videoland we know exactly what it’s like between Bram and Caroline. Here she comes!

We have bad news, because Caroline and Bram are no longer together. Although Caroline had a very good time at Bram’s farm, it turns out that his love for him was already waning. In a heartbreaking explanation, we hear how Bram eventually lacked real butterflies. “When she came home, I didn’t really miss her. So it turns out I didn’t love her anymore.” Unfortunately! Caroline was very fond of her, but she still sat quietly on the sofa. Turns out he was only “off” for two weeks. When Art asks if Bram sees something in one of the other ladies, Bram becomes a little uncomfortable. Before that, everything was only recently.

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