Debbie’s friend warns her ex-boyfriend at B&B Vol Liefde

Debbie’s friend warns her ex-boyfriend at B&B Vol Liefde

Debbie is happy to have Paul back at her B&B after his visit to Holland. He reaps the benefits of this when he manages to steal a kiss from the B&B owner in the morning. But unbeknownst to them, Harry is already on his way. Debbie and Harry have mutual friends, so he has been noticed by the B&B manager before. “Friends went here. I saw the pictures and thought: who is this?”

Debbie was looking forward to Casanova’s arrival. “I’ve been really waiting for Harry. I thought he’d be a nice guy. I’m more physically attracted to him than to the last three guys.” Another feeling haunts her. “My feeling tells me: He’s so perfect. A guy my age, lonely, single and everything is so perfect, it’s just not right. They like perfect girls and I’m not a perfect girl.”

Soon he tells Harry about their mutual friend, Anne-Marie. “I had a thing for it,” Harry admits. He was in a five-month relationship with her twelve years ago. Honest as it gets, Debbie immediately informs that she should call Annemarie to ask about her experience. “If something bad happens, you better say it now,” she jokes.

She puts her money where her mouth is and calls Annemarie shortly afterwards. She described him without giving his name, but Anne-Marie warned her at once. “Oh, Deb. Watch out,” she says. Without explaining exactly why she said those words, they agree that he might be somewhat perfect. According to Debbie, there is often something wrong with that.

Debbie shares her experiences first-hand with Paul. She says she has already spoken to Anne-Marie. “Not only was what she said cute. She thinks he’s a little slow looking for a wife. But he looks good. Everything’s perfect. That could be nice, but that might be too much for me.”

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It doesn’t take long for Paul to meet Harry. “I think it’s a butterfly. I think Debbie sees that and might think: I don’t know. It’s not that I immediately felt competitive.” The three go to lunch. There Harry talks endlessly about his ex-wife. Paul jokes about it. “I think Paul is a bit rebellious and brash, making fun of Harry,” notes Debbie.

After lunch, she crawled behind her computer to research her new husband. I stopped this search when Paul enters. She told him “Just show Harry on social media”. She discusses with Paul that she does not think Harry is looking for anything serious with her. Something you think about. She said on camera afterwards, “I’m not looking for a one night stand. I’m looking for a companion, someone to lean on.”

You’ll see how Harry continues next week B&B with love. You can watch the dating show every working day at 8:30pm on RTL 4 and in Videoland.

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