Tijs van den Brink and Sven Kockelmann the permanent duet in Op1 |  Displays

Tijs van den Brink and Sven Kockelmann the permanent duet in Op1 | Displays

Sven Kockelmann (WNL) and Tijs van den Brink (EO) will form a permanent duo in the new TV season in Op1, a late-night talk show broadcast by the public broadcaster. Now the two attend separate evenings with other colleagues Op1; Köckelmann with Fidan Ekez and Van den Brink with Margie Fex.

These pairs remain the same, but Kockelmann and Van den Brink will now jointly fill in the evenings made available due to the withdrawal of BNNVara. That night will now be all about politics. This was confirmed by the Ethics Office when asked. The new TV season begins next Monday Op1. The question remains whether the two will actually sit at the table together. What evening the two will attend together is still being discussed.

Kukelmann and Van den Brink joined Op1 together at the table before. It was ordered on July 8 this year Op1 Additional broadcast on the fall of Rutte IV’s cabinet. Then it was introduced by the accidental duo. The two also hosted an episode of Op1Then about the Wagner rebellion in Russia. Both evenings were praised by critics and celebrities. With this interpretation, the idea of ​​a fixed announcer for each evening is abandoned.

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