Plot twist in the love-filled B&B: Elise is going to live “together” with friend Joy |  Displays

Plot twist in the love-filled B&B: Elise is going to live “together” with friend Joy | Displays

to updateCupido did a good job on their Spanish bed and breakfast cart B&B with loveAir participant (26). Joy previously declared her love for Danny, and now Elise is also experiencing stress. Not for Joy, but for his dear friend, as 1,013,000 viewers watched Thursday night.

During a romantic evening, Joey and Danny had a strong crush on each other, voiceover Jeroen Kejk told VD Vegte on the show Thursday night. There are no photos of her, but Elise, 27, in turn, had a “great click” with Elidio. He is a good friend of Joy’s and together they work to build the Mount Joy bed and breakfast empire.

“If I succeed, I want to stay in Malaga for a while. I don’t know if you saw it yesterday, but I have a nice relationship with… You know who I’ll call. I don’t know yet if it will be more,” she gushed. Elise tells Dani as she packs her suitcase. Costume designer Dani (26) had already noticed and talked about a “plot twist.” According to Elidio, he told Joy he “never did.” “But there really is something. There’s a connection, I feel that spark.”

empty house

Joy – “I’m happy and it almost makes me emotional” – went the extra mile. ,, The important thing for me is that I can spend a few days with Danny. But I have another empty house, where he usually lives, so I’m sitting there.

For Elise, the cohabitation trial runs very quickly. “It’s not that we have something now, but that we can figure it out. It’s a leap of faith, but I love adventure.”

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The developments are reminiscent of the last season of Farmer looking for a wife, when Cora suddenly falls in love with Coop, farmer Everett’s brother. They drank tea and had a text connection, but it didn’t end in a relationship. Her participation in the dating show Cora brought nothing. Now I dare say what I didn’t dare: Cora could be there too. I couldn’t get that out of my throat before.”

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