Blue Beetle can’t unseat Barbenheimer from the box office throne

Blue Beetle can’t unseat Barbenheimer from the box office throne

In the United States, Blue Beetle ended Barbie’s dominance at the box office. This past weekend, Dutch moviegoers were noticeably less enthusiastic about the superhero film which debuted here in fourth place.

After four weeks, Barbie was no longer the number one hit movie in the United States. DC superhero movie Blue Beetle took the box office crown there with a weekend total of $25.4 million. Barbie had to be content with 21.5 million a month after the premiere. In the Netherlands, Barbie continues to be incredibly popular, and last weekend (from Thursday to Saturday) it finally took first place in the FDN box office chart. Although the film had attracted more visitors in the past four weeks, higher revenues from premium formats (IMAX, Dolby Cinema) ensured that Oppenheimer would bring in more money.

It is noteworthy that the receipts between the two films were not far apart in the fifth week. Barbie collected more than 1.038 million euros last weekend and Oppenheimer more than 1.032 million euros. The difference in revenue compared to the rest of the graph is significant. For example, Meg 2: The Trench, number three on the list, had to settle for more than €350,000, and top new entry Blue Beetle has collected more than €277,000.

The latest FDN chart has seven new entrants. Higher was the blue beetle (4). Additionally, Talk to Me (6), Metallica M72 World Tour Live from TX Nigh (11), How to Blow a Pipeline (20), Back on the Strip (24), Tengo Suenos Electricos (26) and a 4K Remaster of Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai (27).

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A number of interesting films are scheduled to be shown in the coming months. August ends with Take That Greatest Days, after which moviegoers can look forward to My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, Sisu, After Everything, a Haunting in Venice, Line of Fire, Retrubution and The Three Musketeers: D’Artgnan in September, from among others. The question is whether any of these films can end Barpenheimer’s dominance at the box office.

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