Claude 2 in the Netherlands: Surpass the Siege!

Claude 2 in the Netherlands: Surpass the Siege!

Claude 2, the new chatbot developed by Anthropic, is currently only available in the US and UK. But with a simple trick, the Dutch can also try Claude 2. Why would you want it? The chatbot is free, humane and more modern. In short: try!

Claude 2 It is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by the American company Anthropic. Chatbots are trained on natural conversations between people, rather than just text databases. As a result, Claude reacts more humanely and appropriately in conversations. There is one problem: you can’t use it as a Dutch person. It is only accessible in certain countries. But of course we have a solution for that.

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What makes Cloud 2 special?

The free chatbot can also analyze documents. This is the functionality we know from the paid version of ChatGPT v4, but now you also have the option without immediately pulling out your wallet. You can upload all kinds of text – from reports to scientific articles – and Claude understands the content as if he had read it himself. Then you can have conversations about the main points. You will receive instant answers to your questions. Even in long, complex documents that are hard to understand.

How does Cloud 2 work?

First the background. Claude uses constitutional artificial intelligence, a technology developed by Anthropic. This technique ensures that Claude will always act decently, helpful, and honest in conversations. This means that this chatbot is also full of pre-defined rules that ensure that generated answers are always accurately colored within the lines. So also with this alternative to ChatGPT you have to be aware that the information you get is based on the rules that people have set. Additional tests should prove how reliable a chatbot really is. Some tests have already been done. You will find the results below. Conclusion: ChatGPT 4 is still on top, but Cloud 2 is quickly climbing the top. Our tests prove that it essentially uses more natural typing. exactly like chat The answers are sometimes wrong or incomplete. Fortunately, this chatbot also regularly says sorry if you improve it. The system actively indicates if it knows nothing.

How to pronounce

The name Claude refers to Claude Shannon, one of the founders of information theory. With this choice of name, Anthropic wants to emphasize that Claude was developed in a safe and responsible manner. We find the name particularly complicated, because how do you pronounce it? Well, Claude.

How is Cloud 2 different from other chatbots?

chat bot Free version tone of voice Reliability (1-5)
Claude 2 Yes, limited Of course, gently 4
ChatGPT 3.5.1 update And Formal, sometimes unnatural 2
gpt chat 4 No, only paid Normal over 3.5 4
cool google And Of course, gently 3

How is used in the Netherlands?

Although Claude is currently only available in the US, Dutch people can try the chatbot over a VPN:

  1. Download the browser opera With a built-in free VPN. As a Windows user, you can also do this via the Microsoft Store.

  2. Activate VPN in Opera and select a server in the United States.

  3. Go to and register yourself. You will receive a code in your email to activate the account.

  4. Start a conversation, you can use

Opera’s VPN makes it seem like your internet traffic is coming from the US. This way you can simply experience as a Dutch person. Of course, you can also use your own VPN if you have one. It is currently the only way to work with a chatbot. After the first registration, you can always use the chatbot, even without a VPN. Another code will be sent to you, but after that it will work normally. Even without a VPN.

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Conclusion is an interesting new chatbot that is a very good alternative to the free version of chat. The Dutch can already try Claude over VPN. Please note: the chatbot can’t match human intelligence yet, but it looks promising. Always check results and don’t blindly trust what is being said. It remains to be seen when Claude will also be available to Dutch.

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