Apple MacBook Air M2 Review

Apple MacBook Air M2 Review


With the MacBook Air from 2022, Apple is revamping the design of its thinnest laptop for the first time in years. This looks less premium, but it looks nicer and offers some of the useful tools already found in last year’s MacBook Pro 14 and 16″: a magnetic charging connection, an improved 1080p webcam and a higher screen where the menu bar fits nicely. Unfortunately, no MacBook Air still doesn’t allow you to use more than one external display.The new M2 processor is faster for short computing tasks than the previous model’s M1 processor, but during long loads, performance gains evaporate as the laptop is passively cooled.Battery life is still higher From average MacBook Air 2022 seems to be a successful update, but it is very expensive, even if you compare it with laptops from Apple’s own line.The base model also has a very small memory configuration.

When Steve Jobs delivered the first MacBook Air out of an envelope at Macworld 2008 pulledApple’s thinnest laptop was essentially one of “form over function”. The usual DVD player at that time was missing and Ultra low voltageThe processor was slow. In addition, Apple designers – led by Jony Ive, who was famous for his focus on thinness above all else – went to great lengths to make it look thinner than it actually was. The casing was tapered towards the sides to make the frame more narrow. There was no place for gates. They were behind a kind of folding door. With the second model, the brand switched to the distinctive wedge-shaped housing with a slightly wider side for the ports at the back, and a millimeter-thick bezel. ferociously Aluminium.

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The design of the MacBook Air has had its impractical sides literally and figuratively, and it has been so widely adopted that the design has become rather poor over the years. In 2022, laptops less than 2cm thick are becoming more popular than thicker laptops. Meanwhile, Apple’s design philosophy has been tilted since he established himself three years ago seem. We can already see it last year in MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inchWith its thicker, no-frills design.

Summer 2022 will now also give the MacBook Air a practical makeover, as Apple’s thinner laptop loses some of its visual appeal. The base and screen lid are both equal in thickness and don’t skew toward the edges, making the laptop look thicker than the old-fashioned one. This is just appearance. With a thickness of 1.13 instead of 1.61 cm at the thickest point, the MacBook Air M2 Definitely getting thinner. The new model also has the new Apple M2 processor, which is the successor to Revolutionary M1one with MacBook Air issued It was an introduction. The manufacturer promises more computing power with the same ultra-long battery life and completely silent, because passively cooled operation. Apparently all this can cost a little. The new MacBook Air is hundreds of euros more expensive than the old model when it comes out. Whether it is worth it, you can read in this review.

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