Rumors: Nvidia to launch RTX 4090 in October, RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 in 2023

I haven’t missed out on anything at all, and I’m not raising this specifically because it doesn’t apply now and it’s still very difficult to get the RX 6800 even after the fall in use of coding cards and so far demand is still higher than supply.
My answer targeted your claim that people go to competition and now you are citing something completely different to talk about that and pretending I missed something which is complete nonsense.
Everyone knows there is no longer any demand from crypto mining, so you don’t have to mention it.
Everyone knows that the current card prices have fallen dramatically.

NVidia knows very well that as long as people are willing to pay a lot of money for a new card, they will continue to do so no matter the circumstances because there are always people who insist on getting the latest bragging rights about their new cards. Buying new in the same sense that there will always be people who will buy a new BMW rather than a cheaper alternative just because a BMW 3 Series has more prestige than a Ford Mondeo or a Mazda 6.

In addition, cards like 3090, 3090 Ti, 4090 and 4090 Ti are not for gamers but for people who mainly use the cards for professional applications and if you make your money from it and Quadro is above your budget, you buy such a card even if it is much more expensive than 3080 /4080 because it is still much cheaper compared to Quadro.

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