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Lenovo has released teasers on its upcoming Legion 2 Pro smartphone, aimed at gamers. The device will include Snapdragon 888-soc and a 144Hz AMOLED display. Lenovo will announce the Legion 2 Pro on Thursday, April 8th.

Lenovo It started on April 2nd With the release of the Legion 2 Pro teasers, reports too GSMArena. In it, the company announced that the device will have a 6.92-inch AMOLED screen, related to a 144Hz panel with a resolution of 2460 x 1080 pixels. The smartphone was previously featured in the Geekbench database, which revealed that the smartphone was a Qualcomm. Snapdragon 888- soc, Lenovo confirms this in its Weibo profile.

The phone also gets a 5500 mAh battery that supports 90 watt fast charging. It remains unknown how Lenovo achieves this capability. The current Lenovo Legion Pro also supports 90W fast charging via two USB-C connections, each supporting 45W of power. Moreover, Lenovo last month laughed that the Legion 2 Pro will be equipped with the Two fans for cooling.

Lenovo has not announced any further details, although the manufacturer says it will release more teasers in the coming days. Recently released Weibo Master Lu user Some of the alleged benchmarks for a smartphone, noting that the smartphone will be available with a storage capacity of up to 512GB and a memory of 16GB. Additionally, variants of 12GB and 128GB or 256GB storage will also be released.

Lenovo Legion 2 Pro teasers. Pictures The Lenovo Fan, via Weibo

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