Kimberly helped: A 13-year-old girl with diabetes is in intensive care

Kimberly helped: A 13-year-old girl with diabetes is in intensive care

Kimberly Gersthoff, just 13 years old, is currently fighting for her life in the intensive care unit at Diakonessenhuis in Suriname. Her mother, Lisette Benjamin, was shocked to receive a bill for R54,856 because Kimberly's number of days in bed during this insurance year had been exceeded.

The hospital told her that Kimberly was no longer entitled to covered hospital days because of her insurance. The hospital received this letter from the State Health Insurance Fund (SZF).

In desperation, the mother turned to the Surinamese Foundation 1 for 12, whose president could not imagine that a young girl in intensive care should have to endure this. The Stichting Foundation helps 1 voor 12 with 20,000 Saudi riyals, but the bill is still high. The hospital allows the mother to pay in installments, but requires a deposit of 54,856 Saudi riyals for 5 days.

Kimberly suffers from diabetes and her health condition is deteriorating. She often becomes agitated, vomits, cannot walk, and suffers from body aches and poor vision from time to time. She is often accepted, can hardly go to school, and her mother fears for her life.

The doctor even said that Kimberly might be there today rather than tomorrow. Kimberly has suffered from this disease since she was eight years old.

Vismali contacted the Ministers of Health and Social Affairs to request urgent assistance for Kimberly. He is waiting for feedback. The mother, a government employee, cannot afford the money on her own. Vismale is appealing to the community to help Kimberly. “Together, let's make a difference for this little girl in need.”

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