A woman loses €700 due to bank help desk fraud

A woman loses €700 due to bank help desk fraud

Tue, Dec 20, 2022 6:15 PM

Damascus – she was convinced that it was really her couch. A Dantumadil woman received a call saying that scammers had tried to withdraw money from her account. In fact, these were the same scammers who were going to take money from her account.

The scammers gained her trust because they knew her name, date of birth, and account number. In addition, the woman heard the operator talking in the background. She had to install several programs on her computer. Several sums of money have been transferred.

The scammers kept in touch with the victim via Whatsapp for the rest of the week. You should be able to get a refund. It turns out there was another reason, which was the discovery of more identification information from the woman.

A few days later, the woman called her bank and it turned out that she had been scammed. It turned out that 700 euros had been deducted from her account.

Earlier this week, A.J She cheated on an 83-year-old woman from Bakyvin. There was looting of at least 17,500 euros! Want to know more about how scammers work and what you can do about them? Then click here.

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