“Linda de Mol should not be playing the victim like this.” |  show

“Linda de Mol should not be playing the victim like this.” | show

AD Media podcastThis week, the regular Media Committee will meet for the penultimate time in 2022. Next week there will be a special edition AD Media Prize Cast with a personal look at the past year.

However, this week there is interest in RTL’s takeover of Talpa, which appears to be questionable. At least those are the rumors. Does media journalist Dennis Jansen know more? On top of that, Linda de Mol hits the road again in the latest opening for her eponymous magazine. “Linda de Mol should not be a victim like that!”

Performance – Then Not in One of Those Suits, by Tineke Schouten The Masked Singer According to the commission. Whoever came up with this should be fired, according to Angela de Jong. NOS Sports He is criticized for investigating trespassing behavior, but the lack of a name makes everyone look suspicious. Speaking of photos: this week is the final The perfect picture Which is why Linda Häckeboom has been put in the spotlight.

Patrick Lueders takes the test Connection About from Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. This displeased presenter Manuel Winderbos. Of course final Robinson Expedition Also discussed. and Eddie Kaur in Angela’s final shop window of the season.

I listen! To the weekly AD Media Podcast, in which TV columnist Angela de Young and reporters Dennis Jansen and Mark Den Blanken discuss all the major, peripheral, and peripheral issues in media. The show is in the hands of Manuel Winderbos. Do you prefer to use your favorite podcast apps online? Spotify or an Apple? which can! Find all of our podcasts at ad.nl/podcasts.

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Linda de Mol. © Roy Busker

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