Claudia de Brigg: “Others hope it will be about Matisse for a long time to come”

In it, Claudia discusses her upcoming New Year’s Eve conference. At that conference, of course, she couldn’t ignore the topic of infringing behavior, with all the news this year about the surrounding infringement the sound And the The world is progressing.

Earlier, Claudia had stated that she would only respond to the riots about Matisse at her conference. She said in response to the accusations that she kept her mouth silent because the news is about BNNVARA and NPO. Now Claudia is already saying something about the fallen lieutenant colonel. “The fact that the focus is now on Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is of course his fault, but I think there are also many doubts at its root. If you have a high status, and you know it well when you get it, you have to be aware of the relationships.”

When Claudia started working in television, she was sometimes advised that she should “toughen up” her editing. Claudia herself believes that she has never been guilty of such behavior. “I don’t think I’m guilty of it, no. When I did a lot of TV, a long time ago, theater turned me off. There you just have to do it all yourself and you’re a unit with the crew. Without them it’s nothing.”

In addition to Claudia, Brit Dekker also believes that there are cases similar to those of the Matthijs. Brit talks about her experience in the video below.

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