Yes!  This is how Maxima got her Pakistani prom dress

Yes! This is how Maxima got her Pakistani prom dress

During the wedding in Jordan, Maxima wore a rich, embroidered dress from Pakistan. You may be wondering how the Queen got the dress. You can read more in this blog.

For those who missed it: the Maxima dress designed and made by Mahbara Khan, a luxury label from Pakistan. Now of course this country is not around the corner and online ordering is not possible either. How did the Queen get a dress from Mabara Khan? This turned out to be less complicated than the case might seem. In November 2019, Maxima visited Pakistan during a trip to the United Nations. Also on the program was a visit to a tailor in Lahore and yes: it turned out to be Mahbara Khan. During a conversation about entrepreneurship and inclusive finance, the Queen was handed a brown box containing the dress that appeared last Thursday.

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on Video from Royal TV By Rick Evers the box can also be seen and if you look closely you can see the original design on a mannequin on the left.

The original design is what is called lehenga choli. The indigenous Indian costume consisted of a richly embroidered blouse ending above the navel, a long skirt and a fine stole that could cover the head and neck. Nice looking, but less fit for a Dutch queen. For Máxima, the design was executed in the form of a dress, therefore without sheer at the waist and with long sleeves.

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