Heel Holland Bakt final on the horizon, but there's still plenty of fighting: 'What a rebirth' |  cooking and eating

Heel Holland Bakt final on the horizon, but there’s still plenty of fighting: ‘What a rebirth’ | cooking and eating

Tension is cut in the tent All of Holland Bucket† It is up or down. Of course everyone wants to make it to the final, but one nominee doesn’t seem to be at his best, while another baker surprises the jury. “Sour if you have to go home now.”

The semi-finals of All of Holland Bucket has arrived. The bakers seem visibly nervous and wish each other good luck. Enzo is nervous in the tent. ,, You can taste the final. A little sad to go home now, I’ve come this far.” Mariki, who was allowed to cross the ditch with her heels last week, steps forward.

The theme of this episode is Easter, because it is better to be late than not be late, according to presenter Andre Van Doyen. In the first round, the bakers have to make Easter bread. Jury member Janny van der Heijden would like to see different cultures again. So Zainab goes for Russian Easter bread, Tom Babka is made from Eastern Europe and Italy will be reflected in Enzo bread at Easter. Marieki goes into the traditional Dutch language. Easter bread making is all about kneading and getting up. The dough goes in and out of the debugger. Mary is confident. Enzo hopes for an Easter miracle.

With his somewhat disappointing performance last week, Tom has been training a lot at home and it shows. “I am proud of you,” Janie says during the assessment. His fellow jury, Robèrt van Beckhoven, is also satisfied, calling it a delicious Easter bread. “Your dough was just fine. Well done, Tom.”

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Your dough was fine. Well done Tom

Robert van Beethoven

The almond paste in the Easter bread for mariachi is a bit disappointing. A little too solid, he could like half an egg. But the filling is very tasty, ”concludes Robert. The jury is pleased that Zainab chose the traditional Russian language. Robert: I learned something new today. ” Robèrt finds pigeon performance in Enzo Easter bread a little understated. The judges concluded that the dough is too soft, just like vegetarian food, but the taste is good.

The bird’s nest

Then comes the artistic assignment: the Easter cake. The bakers have to show different techniques: make their own bar, chocolate nest, marzipan chicks and sponge dough. Not everyone knows how to hire a lawyer. Some tips are shared. Zainab turns to the expert lawyer Mariki, but she does not reveal everything. After all, the final is in sight. She could not help but give Enzo a tip, after all, according to her, she could not do any harm. “He’s in the final anyway, okay.”

It’s sexy until the last minute. “What a birth, boys,” said Zainab. Tom turns red, and Enzo also notes that he’s nervous.

2022 Season 9 All Holland bakes candidate Enzo © Broadcasting Max / Roland J. Reinders

The jury is strict during evaluation. Lovable butter, almost crazy lawyer, nest that seems to have gotten out of the Easter storm. Jani criticizes the nest, which later turns out to be Enzo’s nest. “I don’t taste it like a lawyer, it’s a shame chicks don’t have eyes.” So it will be the last. Zainab’s Bird’s Nest is the winner. With such judgment and modest reactions to the Easter bread, Enzo’s position appears to be in jeopardy. The jury is again satisfied with Tom’s performance.

last place

It’s time for the crucial task: the show. This week, how else could it be, should be a spectacle for Easter. All bakers are busy with the utmost concentration. Since Tom was clearly short on time last week, Robert now urged him to speed up. It works. Tom’s cake was greeted with enthusiasm. The jury is also pleased with the frothy Mariki layer cake, but at the same time feels that it showed a bit too technical. Enzo demonstrated many techniques with his Italian Easter cake. However, the jury still has some comments and feedback. Robèrt isn’t exactly happy with vegan ricotta cheese: “a little on the dry side.”

Marek fears for her final resting place. But Enzo wasn’t sure anymore. Will the jury choose someone who dares to try new things, or a baker who bakes a stable? First, the announcement of the master baker of the week. Tom baked really well and got his first pin. Then it becomes clear who has to leave the tent, which is Mariki. “I saw it coming.” Next week Tom, Enzo and Zainab will continue to battle it out for the win.

2022 Season 9 All of Holland Bakes Candidate Marieke

2022 Season 9 All of Holland Bakes Candidate Marieke © Broadcasting Max / Roland J. Reinders

2022 season ninth Everyone who bakes Holland candidate Zainab

2022 season ninth Everyone who bakes Holland candidate Zainab © Broadcasting Max / Roland J. Reinders

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