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Microsoft is releasing a new preview version of the Windows subsystem for Linux, which adds support for Linux applications with a graphical interface. The feature is in Windows 10 Insiders build 21364, which appeared on our OS dev channel on Wednesday.

Microsoft calls back the new feature WSLg and announces its beta version Blog post. WSL was initially designed to operate Command lineLinux tools and applications. Microsoft lists several usage scenarios to support the GUI in WSL, including running text editors and only using Linux programs under Windows 10. Developers can also test native Linux applications with a graphical interface. WSL also gets support for GPU acceleration for Linux applications, allowing users to run 3D applications inside Windows.

It used to be possible to run Linux applications with a graphical interface through an X server, but now that the feature has been added to Windows by default, it is no longer necessary. WSL automatically starts “companion system” distribution, using Wayland, X Server, Pulse Voice server, and all other Linux application needs with a graphical interface. After users finish using these applications and disable WSL, the companion distribution will also be closed automatically. It is unclear when WSLg will be added to the release version of Windows 10.

In addition to the new WSL feature, Windows 10 Insiders build 21364 also includes New economic situation in task management. This feature should ensure that users can restrict system use of certain applications when they consume a lot of computing power or working memory. Moreover, it supports the new preview build rating Edge operations. This allows users to see how much Resources Used by various extensions, tabs, or other operations of the web browser.

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These Task Manager features are initially rolled out in a subset of the Insiders build in the developer channel, so Microsoft can first identify potential issues affecting system performance or stability. Features are rolled out to all users gradually in the developer channel.

Eco mode and edge classification in Windows 10 Task Manager. Pictures Via Microsoft

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