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a stranger? You can literally compare console games and 1-on-1 computer games. It is a stupid excuse to justify the differences. Consoles are simply compact computers that have their own operating system architecture that runs the same program (games) on a computer.

The only difference with this is that the people at the computer have the option to upgrade the parts themselves and by using the console you can buy 4 year old devices from the first day you commit for 6 years. This is how it was with Xbox, so it was with 360 and it was with Xbox One. The developers have simply succeeded in making the games so effective on this particular device that they get away with using it, but it remains exactly the same. A small computer with only one function, games. However, it is actually not very good at this job, and the past proves that.

The personal computer industry has always been better than the controllers of previous generations, even with a computer worth 500 euros. Just buying an SSD 12 years ago gave you a faster computer today than the controllers on the market so far.

Now for the first time we have similar consoles for today’s personal computers. But in principle, you can still build a better computer once the chip shortage is gone. however.

To keep a long story short. I’ve been a console player all my life, I’ve played all nintendos, playstations, xboxes and segas buyable from 1991 to today and enjoyed playing them all. However, over the past fifteen years, the game console market has lagged terribly behind computers, and console gamers have had to spend their sharp money to get a worse experience.

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Graphics, online gaming, performance, SSDs, and costs. Now in 2021, that’s not really possible anymore with a new console. Xbox Live Gold should be gone because it’s old fashioned.

1-to-1 controllers can be compared to a PC because for years I have been able to play games on PC at an undefined frame rate at high graphics with a massive field of view and at 4K resolution. And only now this applies to consoles as if everything were amazing. Anyone who has never played PC games will know what kind of world they would have opened up to if they compared a PC game 15 years ago with 1 from last year on console. The 2005 PC game would have looked better.

Notice. The $ 500 PC was always better than the $ 500 Xbox One or PS4 when these devices came out.

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