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Microsoft has released an update for the Xbox Series X and S for a small test suite that provides insight into games that use the Quick Resume function. It will also be possible to delete your saved sessions.

The ability to see all current fast resume saves from different games is According to Microsoft A much-needed feature. This is now possible in the form of a new group that displays the saved state of game sessions. In addition, it is possible to save the state of the game Removal, When the player does not want to use the Quick Resume function of that game.

So far, there was no clear display or indication of games saved in Quick Resume and there is limited space for this save feature, making it unclear which games allowed for a quick resume.

The quick resume function enables seamless switching between games. Within seconds, the exact state of the game session and the state of another game being loaded are saved, after which players can continue playing exactly where they left off.

In addition, the new Insiders update lets you know if the game currently being played supports Quick Resume via directory. This will then appear in the upper right of the Xbox interface overlay, where, for example, an indicator will also appear if the game supports the Auto HDR function.

The update is currently only available to a small group of testers from the Alpha Skip-Ahead suite. In time, the update will be released to all users, but it is still not known when this will be the case.

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