The Mars Rover produces oxygen for the first time on a planet other than Earth |  right Now

The Mars Rover produces oxygen for the first time on a planet other than Earth | right Now

The US space agency NASA reports that the US Mars probe has extracted oxygen from the carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere of Mars. According to the space agency, this is the first time that something like this has succeeded on another planet.

The MOXIE (Experience of Using Mars’ Oxygen Resources in Site) produced enough oxygen within a few hours, according to NASA, to allow an astronaut to breathe for about ten minutes. MOXIE works by separating oxygen atoms from carbon dioxide molecules, which consist of one carbon and two oxygen atoms. For the conversion process, the carbon dioxide is heated to 800 degrees. Then the oxygen is released and the remaining carbon monoxide is emitted into the atmosphere.

NASA’s Trudy Curtis has spoken of the first technology that could help future missions “live off Earth” on another planet.

Mars’ atmosphere is made up of about 95% carbon dioxide. This complicates the manned missions, since the astronauts need oxygen. The inventor of the MOXIE explained that it is more practical to transport a larger version of the oxygen machine to Mars instead of carrying 25 tons of oxygen in tanks.

Perseverance reached Mars earlier this year after a seven-month flight. NASA also managed to report the first time again earlier this week. Then that was for the first time helicopter To fly on another planet. That plane, Creativity, had flown with the Mars Rover.

After publication, additional information on the precise operation of the oxygen machine was added thanks to advice from the Con_Rector reader.

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