Twenty 4 Seven's Nance felt “very alone” amid the success

Twenty 4 Seven's Nance felt “very alone” amid the success

In these episodes we see the story of Twenty 4 Seven. A Dutch dance project that achieved several major successes, especially in the early 1990s. The group consists of Stacy Seedorf, Nance, and Lee-Anne Van Groen. Twenty 4 Seven became known for the hip hop album “I Can't Take It”, “Is It Love?” And “a slave to music.” Producer Ruud van Rijen was one of the first to bring the rapper and singer together.

Despite great success, it remained financially meager. Nance ended up behind the cash register at the time. After Stacy Seedorf joined the group and they finally reached the Dutch charts, everything accelerated. “One of the most beautiful periods,” says Stacey. But Nance experienced it differently. She felt like she was being pushed more into the background. “We've already succeeded. Let me take your hand.” However, she felt that Stacey was increasingly taking control, “because he was writing and he had ideas.”

It bothered Nance that she was always surrounded only by men. “I felt so alone,” Nance says emotionally. “I was so misunderstood. By the people I trusted the most.” “Also by my peers. Sometimes I notice that I get jealous of other groups.” Manager Charlie Breck also admits that it was his fault that he “didn't communicate with her enough.”

In Rudd's experience, the biggest cracks arose “because Nance couldn't express himself to the two men.” She was always on the road with Stacy and Charlie. Nance continues, “You're close to each other day and night. That was very nice at first. But we're not a 100% match.”

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At some point it was announced that Nance would no longer be part of Twenty 4 Seven. “And then you see your dream crumble a little bit,” Nance says, with tears in her eyes. “I've been angry for a long time. Or maybe I still am.”

“It's too bad to be rejected,” she says of shows where her voice was used, but she was not allowed to attend. “I feel rejected.” However, Rudd felt that Nance had the “right” to return to the stage and continued as a solo singer.

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