Nick and Simon make the impossible duo a reality: "It makes me anxious sometimes" |  Turns out

Nick and Simon make the impossible duo a reality: “It makes me anxious sometimes” | Turns out

Thirty-six different artists managed to get Nick and Simon to get their new show. From Ronnie Felix, Renee Froger and Ruth Jacot to Dinand Westhoff; They have all said without hesitation yes to asking for a Volendam singer. It can be understood, Nick says. “It’s really a unique opportunity to record a duet with such big stars. Moreover, it hasn’t been shown before, so the fact that it’s brand new also makes it special.”

They can actually hear the reader thinking: How can participants record a song with a deceased musician or a star that is unreachable and never answers a phone call? “It’s made with the latest technology, so artists suddenly come to stand by their favorite singer or singer,” says Nick. Simon adds, “I was really amazed at what is possible today.”

Both gentlemen have accessed the program Dear singers On. At first the viewer might think it looks like this. But Nick and Simon confirm, Impossible binaries Really different. “Of course we’ll see the feelings and the singers will get back together again. It can be recognized. But that’s different. The songs have already been recorded, and the participants have been in the studio all day. You really can’t believe your eyes when you see this.”

This is precisely the strength of the program, Nick says. “After the first duo, you are curious about how the other songs have turned out. As a result, you keep searching, because you want to know what the end result was like.”

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