This is how our neighboring countries want to resolve the lockdown

This is how our neighboring countries want to resolve the lockdown

When do we go to the restaurant again and when do we meet again? Our government offers limited prospects at the moment, but our neighboring countries have already (in part) revealed their exit plans. Overview.

United kingdom

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed last month how he wanted to get his country out of lockdown. This will be done in four stages. Five dates have been set, with more to come each time. There is at least five weeks between each stage of the plan. In this way, its impact can be assessed before the country moves to the next step.

  • March 8th: Schools may reopen. Residents of Al Raha House may also receive 1 visitor from then on. From March 29, the British will not have to stay home and will be allowed to meet again in the fresh air, with a maximum of six people or two families. Outdoor sports are also permitted.
  • April 12th: Non-essential stores and hairdressers are allowed to reopen. Public institutions such as libraries and museums could reopen, as well as fitness centers, swimming pools and amusement parks. A number of outdoor locations such as car cinemas may pick up the thread again. Cafes and restaurants are allowed to serve people outside.
  • May 17: Most measures for outdoor socializing are lifted, although there is a maximum of thirty people in meetings. Bars and restaurants may take customers again. Cinemas, theaters, and sports stadiums may welcome people as well. Up to thirty people are permitted to attend weddings, funerals and receptions.
  • June 21: All procedures lifted and all cases could be reopened.
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Although infections are still on the rise, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and 16 state ministers have also reached agreement on a five-step exit plan. She stressed that the roadmap already includes emergency brakes with which the mitigation can be reversed if the epidemic gets out of control again.

  • March 8: Up to five adults from two different families are allowed to meet indoors. Children up to the age of fourteen are not included. In areas with better scores, a family can see two more families, up to a maximum of ten people.
  • Starting Monday, March 8, libraries, flower shops and garden centers may reopen as well, subject to the necessary security measures. Garden centers were already open in some states.
  • In the next stage, museums, zoos, botanical gardens or memorials will be discussed, provided the reservation system is used. Then it is also possible to collect goods purchased online in commerce.
  • Subsequent dilutions can occur if the condition does not worsen for two weeks. Then restaurants and cafes can again receive guests outside and cinemas, theaters and concert halls can reopen.
  • If the number of infections fell below 50 per 100,000 residents in the past week, you don’t need to book in advance. If the number of infections rises again above 100 per 100,000 inhabitants, the emergency brakes will be withdrawn, and restrictions will be re-imposed before March 8.
  • Starting March 8, all citizens can take a free, weekly express test.
In the Netherlands, they don’t yet know when the catering industry can reopen.
Photo: afp


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Despite the growing numbers, our northern neighbors have already implemented their first slight easing this week. For example, pupils in secondary education are allowed to partially return to school from March 1. As a general rule, students attend school at least one day per week. It is the first step in the facility schedule for the Dutch government.

Since Monday, the Dutch have also managed to go to the hairdresser again, which, like other professions, got the green light as long as they work in custody. Only sex workers will be excluded at this time. You can also go shopping again, but this should also be done by making an appointment. Young people up to the age of 26 can play sports together outside at their club again.


A concrete step-by-step plan has yet to be revealed, but French President Emmanuel Macron hopes he can give his countrymen more freedom from mid-April. The 6 p.m. curfew will still be in place for the next four to six weeks – even some of the hardest-hit areas will be subject to a weekend lockdown – but better times should follow after that.

“There are still difficult times ahead, but for the first time in months, a return to normal living conditions is on the horizon again,” government spokesman Gabriel Atal said on Wednesday. “We hope in mid-April and are preparing for that. The president asked us to formulate proposals that would allow for a cautious reopening of the country.”

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