Weather during the American Grand Prix

Weather during the American Grand Prix

The upcoming United States Grand Prix will be one of very hot ones. In Qatar, we saw values ​​between 33-35 degrees at race times, but this weekend we will go even further. The weather is sunny and little wind. Unlike the Grand Prix two weeks ago, the blowing sand will not cause any inconvenience.

Extreme heat

Friday and Saturday They are almost identical days in terms of weather Austin in Texas. It is very sunny and the temperature rises to very high values. Thermometers at this time of year usually hover around 26 degrees during the afternoon, but the coming days will be much warmer than usual. Since there are no cooling winds, you will also feel very hot. Evenings are also summer with temperatures often between 26 and 28 degrees near the rink. At night it cools down to about 20 degrees.

Weather forecast tracking for Austin, Texas

More clouds on Sunday

Previous reference Sunday We see a cautious change in the weather approaching. The day starts out sunny, but more cumulus clouds will appear during the afternoon. As a result, the sun sometimes hides for a while. Stays dry everywhere. In the afternoon, there is a slight drop in temperatures, partly due to the presence of a small number of cumulonimbus clouds: the maximum reaches 36 degrees, and perhaps locally 37 degrees. The winds blow from the south to the southeast and are still weak, at most around 2 billion feet.

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