The ‘Ferrari Among the Game Boys’ car is on sale again – if you act fast

The ‘Ferrari Among the Game Boys’ car is on sale again – if you act fast

The Analogue Pocket, a more luxurious and casual version of the first Game Boy game, is available this week in a range of new colours. They will likely only be available for sale for one day, after which these versions will never be produced again.

Nintendo hasn’t made a Game Boy in decades. American Analogue filled that gap in 2019 with the Analogue Pocket: a portable gaming device in the same form factor as the Game Boy that also plays your old cartridges. In addition to older Game Boy games, it also works with Game Boy Color and Advance carts.

A special chip ensures that these games run identical to the original hardware. A backlit display with ten times the native resolution makes games look much prettier.

It’s been hard to get for years

The Jeep has been hard to find for years. This was partly due to a shortage of chips, which made it difficult to mass produce the gaming console. The original black and white models are currently sold out, but in the meantime Analogue is releasing special, limited editions.

The latest collector’s editions come in eight different colors, inspired by the colors Nintendo once sold the Game Boy Pocket and Advance in. You can purchase the mobile device in red, green, blue, yellow, pink, orange, purple, or silver.

Sold out super fast

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These issues will be available for purchase on Friday 17 November from 5:00 PM Netherlands time Analog website. Experience shows that this will likely happen quickly: this was also the case when Pocket received a glow-in-the-dark version and transparent models. They sold out in about ten minutes.

Analogue increasingly presents itself as a kind of hardware store. They make very specialized, beautifully designed devices for retro gamers that are a little more expensive than usual. The Analogue Pocket is also not the cheapest: the portable device costs $250, but for shipping to Europe it charges an additional $60. Combine that with potential import costs and you’ll spend around €350.

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