Stephen Kings The Talisman wordt Netflix-serie

Stephen Kings The Talisman wordt Netflix-serie

Jack discovers a parallel world called the Lands. The area is actually a reflection of our world, but it is much darker. If you are Weird things Then it should look familiar to you!

Strange things in the incantation

Regions are populated by twins: everyone in the ordinary world also has a copy in this magical region. Usually the fate of these “twins” is tied to the original humans (if one of them dies, the other will go too!). In Jack’s case, something goes wrong, and he can switch between the shadow world and the Earth.

The Duffer Brothers, of course, have experience creating parallel worlds, like “The Upside-Down” from Weird things. Steven Spielberg liked the story so much that he got the film rights Incantation Blind bought 1982: two years ago the book was in the stores!

He has since tried to film the story, but has now decided Incantation In the Netflix series. The exact time for a new series’ release remains unknown, but Stephen King fans have something to look forward to. And many more cool things are already coming!

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