Megan: "I didn't want to live anymore" |  Entertainment

Megan: “I didn’t want to live anymore” | Entertainment

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, broadcast Sunday night in the United States, Megan said the ruthless attacks of the British newspaper affected her badly. The American is upset that the royal family did not protect her from the “character murder” committed by the former actress.

The breaking point for Meghan came when newspaper criticism continued, even after her marriage to Prince Harry. He smashed it. I didn’t want to live anymore. That was a clear, real, and ongoing thinking. terrifying. “


Megan says she went to many people within the royal family for help, but the Institute stopped her. At one point, she had consulted, in vain, with the palace’s human resources department. The Duchess of Sussex remembers how embarrassing her mental state was and how difficult it was to admit it to her husband.

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She explains that as Amir’s wife, she cannot go to the hospital or clinic alone. “It just doesn’t work. I couldn’t order an Uber in the mansion, it doesn’t work that way. You hand over everything: passport, driver’s license, keys.”

Prince Harry, who later joins the interview, also says he has asked for help in various ways. But his family was not open to that. The prince explains that at a certain point he also did not know what to do, and that he also suffered psychologically. “I think I felt ashamed to admit it,” he says of his wife’s mental health problems. This also wouldn’t be negotiable in his family. “The idea is always there: It’s totally the case. We all have to deal with this pressure.”

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According to him, the newspaper attacks had gone too far and so he feared bad results, as was the case with his mother, Princess Diana. “My biggest fear was that history will repeat itself. It happened. But it was more dangerous, because now there is race and social media.”

skin colour

Megan was so badly hit that her son Archie – whom she gave birth to in May 2019 – was not granted the title of Prince, and thus was not eligible for the protections that other members of the Royal House are getting. She says there were also discussions during her pregnancy about “how dark his skin would be when he was born.”

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“How will it end, what will it mean and what will it look like?” Asks Oprah, to which Megan replied. The conversations took place between Harry and someone the couple did not want to reveal their identities to. “It would be very harmful for them,” said Megan.

Catherine Quarrel

Months after the wedding, which took place in May 2018, British newspapers came out with allegations that Meghan had a quarrel with Prince William’s wife, Duchess Catherine. The dispute was over the floral girls’ dresses. Katherine – Megan’s sister-in-law – reportedly broke into tears.

But according to Megan, it was the opposite. “It made me cry, and it hurt me a lot.” She does not want to say exactly what was said. Megan says Catherine apologized and sent her flowers and a note.

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“It was not a confrontation,” she continues. But she was angry at the way the media had taken over the story, and how the royal house had done nothing to correct the story. “It was hard to accept that I was blamed for something I didn’t do, but what just happened to me.”

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Only when Harry joins the interview later does the couple want to reveal the gender of their unborn child. “She’s a girl,” says Harry. “It’s amazing, and we’re very grateful. It’s great to have a child, but now we’re going to have a boy and a girl.” It seems to end there. “Ready. Two is.” Megan is due next summer.

Close the money tap

Prince explains that in early 2020, when Harry and Meghan decided to turn away from the royal family, the money tap was immediately closed. That’s why the couple struck a deal with the streaming services Netflix and Spotify.

The family was in desperate need of money to pay for the security. So Harry denies they left the family to make more money. “It was never our intention.” According to Harry, there has never been a “bigger plan.” “All I need is enough money to pay for security so my family is safe.”

The only reason they were able to stop her financially was his mother’s legacy, Diana. According to Harry, this is a sign that his mom “saw it coming.”

Family ties

Prince Harry is not particularly positive about the relationship with his father. He says he will always love Prince Charles, but is disappointed by the lack of support he received from his father when he and Meghan were struggling and facing racism.

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He felt abandoned by his father, who said he had done nothing when Megan, like his first wife Diana, had mental health issues. “He went through the same things I have been through.” Harry says there is still a lot of pain. “It is my priority to improve that relationship.”

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He would always love his brother William very much. “It’s my brother, we went through hell together. I mean, we have a lot of experiences in common. But at the moment we’re on different paths.”


They both pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth. For example, Megan says she has always enjoyed the Queen’s company, and her husband says she respects his grandmother very much on several occasions. The couple also said they called Elizabeth right away when he learned that Prince Philip had been taken to the hospital.

Harry had “more contacts with his grandmother, with whom he still maintains a” very good relationship “last year than in previous years.

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Lack of support

The two would “undoubtedly” have remained in the royal family if they had received more support. I am sad about what happened. But I feel good because I know we did everything we could to make it work, ”Harry says.

You can talk about suicide on the suicide prevention website 113 or call 0113-0900.

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