André Hazes’ performance came to an abrupt halt during the Amsterdam summer

André Hazes’ performance came to an abrupt halt during the Amsterdam summer

When the clock strikes eleven, the Amsterdam Summer Team appears to be in complete panic. Reportedly, due to noise pollution, it was agreed that the show would end at eleven o’clock in the evening. For Andre, who had just begun “Leef”, this meant the end of his performance. Visitors are disappointed. The end was really that bad! That is not possible! And that many microphones not working is very unprofessional! Andre’s duet with Welicky Alberti also didn’t go according to plan. Her mic would have shut off either. ‘It was a mess at the end!! Unprofessional and definitely no respect for Mrs. Willecki and Andre. A real mess!’ writes an angry fan. Another person agrees: ‘The end was a moan “.

De Amsterdamse Zomer announced today that tonight’s show – after yesterday’s setting – will start a little earlier. Last night’s show was in danger of ending, so Andre Hazys was unable to finish his set as the final act, which led to an abrupt end. This was definitely not Andre’s fault, so we apologize for that. Of course we want to give Andre the stage he deserves and be able to complete a great finish tonight for all visitors.

Tonight’s organizer Bass Smit at RTL Boulevard explains exactly what went wrong last night.

Andrei has recently had to deal with failed productions quite often, because during his television appearances in Raines The singer, who has kicked the habit, enters a dressing room filled with beer bottles.

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