Spoorloos Mismatch Victims: ‘Again slap in the face, very sad’ |  internal

Spoorloos Mismatch Victims: ‘Again slap in the face, very sad’ | internal

In the highly sensitive case surrounding mismatches in the KRO-NCRV programme Effect The participants’ lawyer was surprised today. They say they were surprised by the media with the results of the investigation. “Another slap in the face to our customers.”

The ongoing story about the mismatches in Colombia was revealed by crime journalist Case Van der Spiek on his show last year Kees van der Spiek: The scammers have been stopped. It turned out that the participants from Effect In Colombia she was related to the wrong biological parents. It happened about twenty years ago. KRO-NCRV has been under investigation for several matches that, in addition to the incorrect match that Van der Spek found, emerged two incorrect matches. Previously, from our own research Effect Another incorrect mismatch is already known.

No malicious intent

On Friday it emerged that no evidence of malicious intent had been found by the local aid or others involved in the incorrect matches. This is the conclusion reached by Hoffmann’s private detective agency in the final report of an independent investigation commissioned by KRO-NCRV. Martijn van de Beek, Hoffmann’s director, says that “in such cases” it is important to “consider the feelings that are understood”. “Through this research, which was conducted in both the Netherlands and Colombia, we reconstructed how mismatches arose. This revealed nothing that indicated malicious intent, dishonesty, or self-enrichment,” says Van de Beek.

We were completely raided

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Lawyers Annemiek van Spanje and Royce de Vries who assist the victims say their clients were “quite surprised” by the TV show’s press release. This was not previously announced by the broadcaster. Nor were the results of Hoffmann’s research known to clients. So they had to learn this from the media, they say. And only then did it turn out that the search results had been emailed to us last night – shortly before the press release was sent out. Of course, we had not yet had the opportunity to share and discuss the documents with our customers.

Very sad

According to them, ‘The lack of communication from KRO-NCRV unfortunately marks our dealings with our customers over the past period. They have told us that they are experiencing the situation as a slap in the face and feel very sad that their emotions are being handled in this way again. Van Spanje and De Vries say their clients have “many comments” on the report. Because the report is still so new, they can’t yet provide an objective response.

Apologies and compensation

“We apologize to the people affected by this,” Sandra Helster, media director for KRO-NCRV, said yesterday about the issue. Now that the final report is available, it says it is discussing “appropriate compensation” with those involved. Previously, victims had already said they wanted compensation.

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