These are the options available to Prince Andrew

These are the options available to Prince Andrew

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It was announced on Wednesday that Prince Andrew must still appear in court in the abuse case brought by Virginia Joffrey. This (maybe) awaits him in the near future.

On Wednesday, a US judge ruled that Virginia Joffrey’s indictment could simply be heard. Prince Andrew has done everything in his power to put an end to this matter. For example, he has stated through his attorney that the case is not legally valid because it was filed in the United States, while Giuffre now lives in Australia.

He also argued that Joffrey reached a settlement with Jeffrey Epstein in 2009 that would have stated that Joffrey had waived her right to sue the Prince. However, the judge did not agree.

Prince Andrew can appeal the judge’s decision. This can be done in different ways. One of these ways is to send the so-called revisit movementAsk the judge to reconsider the case. Such a request may be made, for example, if he believes that the judge has not applied the law correctly or if there is new evidence in the case.

Another option is to appeal to the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. There are a total of twelve departments in the United States, all of which represent a particular region. The second district covers Connecticut, New York, and Vermont.

If the latter occurs, the case will be brought before a number of judges. If they do not rule in Andrew’s favour, he can either postpone the case before the entire Second Circuit or ask the Supreme Court to consider the case. The Supreme Court can decide whether it actually wants to hear the case. Of course, any form of appeal will delay the case.

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Settlement is also possible. If both parties talk to each other and come to an agreement, the lawsuit will end. However, it seems unlikely that that will happen. According to informed sources, Joffrey will not accept any settlement proposal.

The whole thing will take some time. Because Joffrey has said she suffered emotional damage at the hands of Prince Andrew, her entire life will be under scrutiny in court. This includes her education, medical history, treatments, and jobs.

It would be very strange if Prince Andrew decided not to testify. “So the jury is asking why he wouldn’t,” said attorney Mitchell Garabedian, who has represented victims of sexual abuse for decades. Watchman.

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