Viewers were moved by the tight-knit family of Steenrijk, bankrupt and silent when they saw a real estateman's villa in Breda |  show

Viewers were moved by the tight-knit family of Steenrijk, bankrupt and silent when they saw a real estateman’s villa in Breda | show

Breda – With a weekly budget of ninety euros, buying three tickets to a concert by Andre Hazes Jr. hasn’t been an option for Marco and his two children Leroy and Nick in recent years. With that, Marco’s dream came true yesterday. 786000 viewers watched rich and broke How Leroy and Nick surprised their dad with tickets to a popular singer’s show. It not only brought tears to the Frisian family, but also moved the people in the house.

Father Marco lives in the Frisian town of Gorridge with his two sons Nick and Leroy. After his wife left the family to another man and Marco also lost his job, financial problems piled up. They are not well off and have to make do with ninety euros a week. There is no money for new clothes, outings or sports, but the guys have a close bond and try to make something out of life.

Real estate man Wesley Adema, his wife and children do not know these hardships. The family lives in a villa in Breda, has two Lamborghini and a Bentley in the driveway and they go on vacation whenever they want. Adema wanted to show his children “the other side of the coin” and allow another family to live in luxury. So they decided to join rich and broke.

Marco, Leroy, and Nick are surprised when they arrive at Adema Palace. With a weekly budget of €2,750, they were finally able to do fun things together, such as dining and luxury shopping. And the shopping was sorely needed, because Marco hadn’t bought himself new clothes for ages.

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With a smile from ear to ear, he walked out of the fitting room in a pink jacket. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to walk like this. Or else I’m going to wear training pants and a T-shirt,” Marko said with tears in his eyes. “It means so much to me. I am speechless now,” he cried. Leroy and Nick were happy for their father. ,,,,,,,,, until he has something nice for once. I’m really happy with that.”

Marko emerges from Steenrijk’s fitting room beaming and broke. © SBS6


Leroy and Nick also had a surprise in store for their dad. Unbeknownst to him, the boys bought tickets to a concert by Andre Hazes Jr., whom Marco was a big fan of. Over dinner in a fancy restaurant, Leroy and Nick decide to present the gift to their father. You are always there for me, always for Leroy. You caught us when Mom It went too far, and you got a hard time with it at first, and so did we. That is why we have arranged this surprise for you, because we love you so much. ”

Upon opening the envelope, Marco couldn’t keep it dry anymore. “Huzz,” he noted. Meanwhile, Leroy and Nick put an arm around their father. “Let’s have a nice day with the three of us,” Nick said. Marco couldn’t contain it. “Well, tears were in my eyes. I really didn’t expect this. It did something for me,” he later said emotionally.

On the day of the meeting, the two families expressed their gratitude for this adventure. Adima and his wife had already surprised the family by arranging an extra bed for one of the boys, but it didn’t stop there. The real estate man wanted to support Marco in the future to become financially independent. Who knows, it might surprise you, it could still be. And who knows that this is possible, if we look at it together. I’d like to help you with that.”

Wesley Adema and his family are in Stenrick, penniless.

Wesley Adema and his family are in Stenrick, penniless. © SBS6


On social media, the second episode of rich and broke Nobody notices it. Viewers have tweeted a lot about the close relationship between Marco and his sons. “Awesome how they run it together. Tears for Hazes’ Junior Party Ticket. Silent Tears. You’re so blessed dad. And now another job offer.” And another: “What a pleasant harmonious atmosphere in this masculine family … indisputably the good factor.”

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