Viewers embrace a candid S10 in their arms after the first live translation of Eurovision's song |  Displays

Viewers embrace a candid S10 in their arms after the first live translation of Eurovision’s song | Displays

VideoLast night 859,000 viewers watched how singer S10 performed her Eurovision song live for the first time on Mattis continues† For some viewers, it was the first acquaintance of the artist, who, according to numerous reactions on Twitter, immediately got under their skin. “Embraced the S10 in minutes.”

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Those were rare minutes of frankness. Stien den Hollander (21), as the singer is really called, spoke with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk about the depression and psychosis she experienced from the ages of fourteen to seventeen. the song depth It is a “love letter to her grief”, a song of hope and acceptance.

It’s about letting my sadness be there,” the S10 said. “In the video there is love, but this is actually my sadness.” Depression and psychosis “one day” came and went in the same way. “There was a lot of insecurity and a lot of sadness. Now this is nothing more. If you know this sadness, it is very nice not to be there.”

She said feelings of depression don’t go away completely. But they no longer provoke her, precisely because she accepted it. I had to make very difficult decisions, and I still do it every day. Recently, by participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. Over the past few months, I’ve really settled on this choice: I want to be happy, I want to be safe, and I can chase my dreams. I’ve given some kind of permission for that. Over the past few months, I’ve written very clearly in a pamphlet: I have permission to do this, and I can be here.”

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The S10 continues on Matthijs. © NPO

I stood like home

The performance, for which the studio had to be renovated, was at the same time intimate and fascinating. The action of the camera and the red laser gave the performance visual depth.

“If it was filmed this way also at the Eurovision Song Contest, we already have extra points,” one of the messages that appeared on Twitter, where the program was famous topic used to be. ‘Standed like home!’ Another wrote, “Trust him.” and: “What a beautiful song with a beautiful story and beautifully illustrated as well.”

Until recently, the S10 was not well known to the general public and would participate in an international competition with a Dutch song, but according to most viewers, it does not matter. One viewer wrote: “It took a while to get used to the first time, but it’s getting better and better.” Another person: “I hugged Stein in a few minutes. Baby, you sing beautifully. And: “As I thought the Ukraine song was great last year without me understanding a word, this song by S10 should also reach non-Dutch speakers in the future as well. .”

While some didn’t find the special song or its lyrics difficult to understand, others actually speculated about the festival’s great end result. “Strong and fragile, in my opinion one of the best posts in recent years.”

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Turin, Italy, from May 10-14. The S10 comes out in the first semi-final.

The S10 was emotional when its post was revealed last week:

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